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Rock Climbing : Comments

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Article: Sunstroke, tips on avoidance.
Athletes who drink a lot of water are highly suceptable to electrolite poisoning. Electrolite drink mixes containing the correct amouts of Potassium, Sodium, and Glucose (and not much else) are excelent for both treatment and prevention of dehydration. They are often marketed in the U.S. towards babys and may be found at a pharmacy, grocery store, or health food store. These may be diluted for prevention but not for treatment. One Litter of treatment contains more than the U.S. RDA of sodium. Please note that rehydrating solution packets are different than vitamin and mineral concentrated drink packets.

Article: Multi-Pitch Safety - 10 Best Ways to Avoid an Epic
11) Bring a lighter or matches. A safe walk-off might not be possible and it's a lot lighter than extra clothing

Article: The Mental Toughness Error
I am surprised to see the use of the words 'could' and 'should' form both Arno and his client, Craig, especially Arno. I think it is a natural human desire to have greater control over our suroundings and our given situations both on and off the rock. I think Arno's book and teachings offer a lot to learn and grow from. I also think there are no absolutes.