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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by greatgarbanzo (3)

Article: Pulley Rupture (también versión en español)
jsweet, thanx. Get better soon! don´t cheat!

Article: How to Tape Your Fingers (también versión en Español)
Maybe is a mental thing, I really dont know but I cant imagine to have gone through rehab of any of my finger injuries without the tape. The pain is reduced significantly, thats a fact.

Article: Finger & Back/Arm Strength
Sorry guys!
raptorallah: I said "...if you are a novice climber (have climb up to 5.8) the best thing you can do for your fingers is climb..." Thats a fact mate!

lumineferusother: Sorry about my english... Send me a PM and I`ll fix anything! Is allways good to polish my english skills!