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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by gregory_huey (3)

Article: Alex Honnold Free Solos Moonlight Buttress
Where is the actual "article" ?
Perhaps someone with admin powers could take this teaser down until the poster actually writes and posts the promised "article" ?

Article: Needless Destruction Theater -- The Trango Cam Cup Results
Very cool and entertaining to read - wish I could have been there in person to watch the testing.

Article: Climbing and Murder
I would like to see the author state definitively if this is fact or fiction.

In any case, since:

A) there is no evidence of malice of intent or expectation of harm on the part of Morgan, and
B) Ward's own statements/experience show he understood the risk and continued on the climb when he could have refused to continue (he clearly understood and accepted the risk),

I am confident -if this is not fiction - that Morgan will be found not-guilty of murder, or be aquitted upon appeal. A previous commenter made a good point about statutory first degree murder. Its not important what makes sense to us, but rather how the legal process works. However, whatever the peculiar laws are for that jurisdiction, eventually - assuming a conviction - this case will get appealed to a level above that jurisdiction. Then a standard definition of 'murder' will be used - and then I can't imagine a conviction would stand - for this reason:

While there may be evidence to support neglect on the part of Morgan, Ward willingly assumed the risk (ie: never refused to continue or demanded to be lowered off). There is no evidence showing that Morgan foresaw and/or intended Ward's death. The prosecutor, I think, to make the statutory merder 1 stick would need - at least - to prove that the drug use caused Ward's knot to be tied incorrectly (thus coming loose after the fall). Now, if they forced Ward to climb against his will, then his death would have occured as the result of criminal activity and I could see a statutory murder 1 charge sticking - but not in this case.

Please PM to correct me if I'm wrong though.

So, based on this, if this true, I'm pretty sure of eventual acquittal.