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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by gregpphoto (3)

Article: Guide to the New Gym Climber
i appreciate the ending. It just goes to show that you cant be too careful, no matter how long youve been climbing. I cant count on both hands how many times in the books ive read about famous climbers up high in the Himalayas or the Andes not securing their harness or their ropes or whatever, but luckily most of the times their partner saved them before it was too late.

Article: Want to be part of a TV show about climbing?
i wonder what channel thatll be on. If its done right it could be badass. or it could be done wrong and thats no fun.

Article: Alex Honnold free solos two big wall classics in a day
i think free solo is the absolute craziest most badass form of climbing there is. Even on 5.7's and "easy" walls its just nuts. congrats to alex