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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by heidt410 (3)

Article: Climbing and Murder
Why are some questioning fact or fiction?... unaware.

regardless of the weed, Morgan was just being a bad leader. Hard to say the weed had anything thing to due with his actions. Sure doesnt make you a better climber, and I would be hesitant to climb with anyone smoking before a climb and being like "duuuude, just solo the 5.8 friction, brah..." but I think he would be responsible to a certain degree... hard to say murder when he set up a belay mid climb and did his part to arrest the fall.

Article: Jumping Freight Trains to go Bouldering
there is no end to the climbing season in Bishop.

Article: Grand Teton Solo
Its one thing to not care about a guy like this, but another when he is going to risk lives of others downclimbing a high traffic route. Thanks for being responsible and attempting to have him rap with you.