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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by hraundrangi (1)

Article: The Making of a 'Rockprodigy'
Thanks for a great article Mike!
Huge respect to you for sharing this with the rest of us mortals...

I initially read this a few years back and took a few weeks of the both the hangboard and campus routines and really liked the outcome. However, due to laziness and lack of discipline, I fell out of the routine and stopped training your way (i.e. strategic and systematic) and of course, Im on a way-too-long plateau that Im determined to break out of...

So, I read your piece again and just reading it is such a great motivator and will for sure help me in preparation for the summer season. I have very limited time these days to go to the gym due to family and work obligations but can squeeze a hangboard or free-weights session at home most days if I get my motivation up.
Did the first (this season that is) hangboard (HYP) session yesterday and am looking forward to 3-4 weeks of HYP before an all-out MAX-R session before the first outdoor climbing trip in May.

Thanks again for a great article. I hope it also helps others to find the motivation and give a systematic approach to keep the performance on a constant upwards curve...

Sigurdur Tomas Thorisson
Reykjavik, Iceland