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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by illusiondweller (3)

Article: 2 climbers badly injured in accident at Suicide Rock in Idyllwild
Although details are lacking, it'll be interesting to hear how the "experienced" "gym" belayer was knocked out having been "slammed against the rock wall". Sounds like this may be a classic lesson in Belaying 101!

Article: Craig Luebben dies in climbing accident
The more reason to believe in God....if there is a hell, then I'd like to be sure that if I died tomorrow that I'm not ending up there...and I'm SURE I'm not! If you want to be sure, leave me an email. Hope to see you in Heaven Craig.

Glory to God!

Article: Kurt Albert is dead - International Mountain Summit Mourns the Climbing Legend
Another...imagine that. Hope he is with God.