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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by iron106 (3)

Article: Belay Device Friction Test

"almost all the belay devices could hold the entire weight if we just allowed the 3 ounce scale to hang at -90 degrees (when the 10 or 11mm rope was used). "

There is useful info here.

Article: Belay Device Friction Test

"The reasoning for this is that new climbers can look at this data an easily determine which devices are optimal for their rope. In any test setup simplification is obviously necessary to make the data quickly readable. I would strongly encourage more experienced climbers to analyze the data in greater detail."

Maybe you should analyze the data in greater detail. Plus this tells you more information than you can find anywhere else on these products.

Article: Climbing and Murder
What a story. Most Grand Jury's are a rubber stamp to send cases to trial though. I would be suprised if Morgan would be convicted. Although ya naver no.