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Article: Everest Expedition - New Series starts on Oct 19 on the Discovery Channel
Definitely unfortunate. This is the kind of thing, more and more, that leads to seriously underqualified folks attempting to "buy" their way up.

Taking fixed ropes all the way to the top is a questionable ascent in most circles. I leave it at questionable because I haven't done Everest myself (yet - it's on the "years from now" goals list). However, I'm not sure I'd want to with so many expeditions up there these days. It seems to destroy the spirit of the setting some.

In any case, I think something like this only serves to misinform the public about climbing...but then, there's a lot of money coming out of the "explornography" trend these days of young professionals who don't realize they've left college and are no longer in a frat trying to out-Xtreme one another, so the trend will probably continue. In any case, most of the people you see on these types of things aren't climbers, they're more like high altitude sheep in crampons.