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Article: Grand Teton Solo
That guy did exactly what we "real" climbers dream of: he stepped out of his comfort zone, out of the predictable and safe, walked into the deadly unknown and, with a little help, survived. Maybe it will spur him on to become "one of us". Hopefully, he won't become an elitist snob in the process.
Two centuries ago, everybody pursuing the mountains was as ignorant as this guy, and never considered themselves in terms of "climber". A lot of them die, but being unimportant plebes, that wasn't noteworthy. They were animal herders, prospectors, hunters, plebes every one.
Then the rich and privileged "discovered" climbing and turned it into a discipline, categorized, described, compartmentalized it, and made it a separate and exclusive endeavor. When they started dying, death in the mountains became a big deal.
This guy isn't without his faults, pride and a haughty spirit, as the Good Book says, being the main things. But then, neither is (or was) Twight, Messner, Habeler, etc.
Cheers to the real pioneers, mate, and cheers to you for helping him a bit.