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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by jeremy11 (6)

Article: Metolius Offset TCU Editorial Review
are they any good for mostly parallel placements? I'd guess not...

Article: Metolius Offset TCU Editorial Review
interesting point brought up on hybrids usually contacting on the lobe edges - why don't they just make the lobe edge angled so it is parallel to the ideal flare? yes, obviously it would cost more, but would it hold better in real life usage?

Article: Metolius Offset TCU Editorial Review
but, do the non-angled edges avoid the outward force vector? that should be there no matter what in a flared placement, so angled lobe edges would increase surface area and therefore friction to counteract the outward force vector

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '07 - Day 3
the mini tricams look precious, but getting them out could be tricksy, ya'll need to do a test on them to see how good they really are.

Article: Florine & Hirayama miss El Cap Record
2 minutes shy of the record.... while the rest of us would be glad to get up it at all.

just curious - are they short fixing off single pieces with a clove hitch? I know this is risky for many reasons, but watching the video of the Huber's record climb, it appeared that way.

Article: TOTEM CAMS and More -- Vegastradguy Blogs from OR Winter
how about an ETA on DMM brass offsets?