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Article: High Times
To say this story brightened my day is a vast understatement. My first trip to Thailand was right around the time you were there. I went to Bangkok for about 3 days on business and stayed for 2 nights of fun. With in my first 10 hours in the country I was absolutely in love. My second trip took me to Phuket where I drank away 5 nights that I seemingly canít remember but never will forget. Then shortly upon returning to China (where I was living at the time) I went to a climbing gym and was hooked. I was severely disappointed when I found out that I had missed out on the world class climbing in, what I have found to be; the most amazing country on our planet.

I now found myself in the flat lands of Eastern Europe, with little else to pull on than a few undeveloped boulders, and a sub-par over crowded gym. Your story has given me a glimmer of hope though because in just a few months time I will be taking the journey across the pacific once more, this time I wonít miss out on what Thailand has to offer our sport. Until then Iíll keep pulling on what I have, and with a bit of inspiration from articles like this Iíll try to keep my chin up until Iím some place a little warmer and sunnier.

Thanks for reminding me about the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pulling hard.