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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by jermanimal (8)

Article: The Huber Brothers Conquer El Cap
1) They could have done it faster if they hadden't stopped and switched their helmets.

2) Sponsors need to check their facts, clearly they didn't have the watch on their wrist.

Anyone want to call that company and tell their copy editor what web 2.0 is.

Article: Woman Falls To Her Death At Gym
Investigations generally take a long time, when anyone finds out what happened and the gag "suggestion" has been lifted it would be helpful to the entire community to know that when wrong to then avoid it in the future.

I don't use one, but could they have laced the Gri Gri backwards and then not paid attention on the take.

Article: Sir Edmund Hillary Dies at 88
Got it....type from audio I found...

"I believe that if you set out on adventure and you are absolutely convinced you are going to be successful, why bother starting?"

Article: Sir Edmund Hillary Dies at 88
I heard some audio from him on the radio last night during the world news on NPR and can't find a printed exerp or quote. The summary of the quote was that...Why would we ever do something we absolutely knew could be done? We do things because we don't know if it is possible and that is what make it exceptional.

Anyway my point is, does anyone know what the exact quote was, it isn't one of the standards if you google "Edmund Hillary Quotes"

Article: Learning How to Learn
I don't think talking about a "cushioned catch" is a good idea for a beginner. Lock up the device and hold on. Be ready, especially if the guy on lead out weights you by 25 lbs.

Article: Climbing Rubber Friction Test
100 lbs over 1x1 would have been better. And, yes this contraption would have been very easy to build.

Article: Climbing Rubber Friction Test
I think joeforte and apeman_e have a very valid point, rubbers properties to conform to the surface may not be tested here at all without using more weight. The 15oz over a 2x2 area may have far too much reliance on the finished surface of the rubber becoming a factor.

Article: Climbing and Murder
When I smoked pot, I turned into a bat and few around the room and woke up later at the bottom of a 30 foot ink well.