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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by joeforte (3)

Article: NJ Climbers Seek Legal Equality in State Parks
yeah I agree... what was the verdict?

Article: Climbing Rubber Friction Test
More tangential force (weight) would certainly effect the test. Rubber behaves the way it does because it conforms to irregular surfaces very well. More force would cause the rubber to deform more, and more effectively match the surface texture. I would LOVE to see this test done with more weight on the rubber sample!

Article: All It's Chalked Up to Be: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the White Stuff
I love the problem solving skills that climbing requires. When all of the holds are chalked, it ruins that experience. Also, chalk often cakes up holds, making the friction worse. One of my pet peves is when someone dips into their chalk bag and goes directly to the rock without blowing or wiping off the excess. That layer of dust under their hands is just going to make things harder! Arno Ilger (The Warriors Way) helped me break away from chalk use. My hardest onsight was chalkless, (12c) and now I never use it.