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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by johntkucz (1)

Article: Start Climbing - Part 1 : Introduction & Overview
awesome article. interesting in climbing. plus, climbing and parkour are related, and both of those have been neglected physiological interests of mine for awhile. problem with climbing is it's gear-intensive (and no way I can afford all that gear). basic bouldering though and parkour are prob very similar. either way have neglected those interests. don't know if I will ever get around to doing parkour or climbing at all or regularly but still interesting. have had good varied physiological schematic recently and want to keep it up. it's not 'fun' but it's good physiological maintenance. i will post a pdf of spreadsheet on fb. so looking for more of exhilarating physiology thingie, but meh i prob have enough stuff going on as is. this type of gymnastic agility inherent to parkour and climbing is definite interest. plus, I wager I'd be decently good at it. was also looking at kettle bell and punching bag but all or any of that would be significant financial investments. Also in regards to economics, I've noticed an odd asymmetry. people that are poor/less_wealthy are I think on average in better fitness (not counting medical checkups and whatnot, just cardio, muscular etc) than those whom are very wealthy. that's a generalization that has obvious exceptions, but I think it's more true than not. the kenyans who ran multiple miles to school (very poor, very healthy) come to mind and other things. i can't stand running these days though. I do it just for physiological maintenance and for that it's very useful.