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Rock Climbing : Comments

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Article: Climbing and Murder
Refer the dumbshit to me, been doing criminal defense in Los Angeles for 27 years +. The cop is obviously biased as hell, and I can call tons of expert climbers who smoked pot from the minute they woke up till they went to sleep at night, and always, always climbed high. And they climbed at the highest of standards, establishing classis climbs considered hard today with advanced technology and sticky rubber. The one guy who didn't smoke didn't tie in right, and the others didn't owe him a duty other than as friends, i.e., they were not a commercial enterprise. Hell, I used to own a bong made from pcv pipe which we regularly carried on our climbs. NOT GUILTY!

Article: 2.8 Kids with a White Picket fence and the Company Car
BTW, both he and his 5 year old sister have successfully top roped an 80 ft. 5.7, camp with me several times a year, including in the back yard, ski proficiently, have numerous friends they play with, and are curious students of life. I say, "What more can I ask for?"

Article: 2.8 Kids with a White Picket fence and the Company Car
Been climbing thirty years or so, but have slowed down the past few years as I focus more on my family. Been very involved in youth sports with my now 9 year old son, and I've found there is something uniquely fulfilling about trying to encourage a young boy disappointed that his team didn't win despite him giving 110% in the effort. I think he'll be more impressed with that when he grows up than stories about my dirt bagging days.