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Article: Half a day up Grandfather Hobgoblin
One of my favorite supes climbs

Article: Remembering John Rosholt
5 out of 5 stars Sorry for missing it Jane. I sure do miss John. One day shortly before his disappearance John had bought a DVD player and asked me if I wanted to buy some of his VHS tapes. Being 22 at the time I told John no. Thinking to myself I will buy some of your unwanted climbing gear. John was happy to upgrade to digital. We laughed and we talked about how obsolete they were like 8 tracks and how they take up so much space.
I spent down time hanging out at his house reading old climbing mags. John would always have something to say about the picture I was looking at or the artical I was reading. He would shake his head up and down speaking words of encourgement. and tell me how good the climb was or how cool the place was. I still have one of his magazines he let me borrow. Sometimes I would hangout until john would pass out in his chair, then I would sneek out the front door.