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Article: Tales of Tricks by the God I'itoi on Baboquivari Peak, Arizona
The climber who wrote this article was Michael Strassman. He learned the ultimate lesson in June of 2007 when he died of a meth overdose. I am his sister. Although Mike had a reckless side to him (who doesn't?), he was a very caring and sensitive human being who lived to be in the mountains and on the rock. Babo was one of his favorite places. Mike was a very talented and creative rock climber, videographer, photographer and writer. Unfortunately, in his last years meth changed him completely and he spiraled down the dark hole of losing everything--his house, his business, all his money, his wife and his friends. But Mike's contribution to the climbing world was profound, and has earned him a memorial climbing route in the Sierra (Lone Pine Peak), and a place in the obituary section of the American Alpine Journal. And now you know the rest of the story. Climb on!