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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by k.l.k (5)

Article: Stick Clip Tricks for Sport Climbers
I enjoyed this piece. Although I really didn't need more reminders of why it is that I prefer bouldering.

No, but seriously, good image illustrations.

Article: An Auspicious Infancy: The Earliest Days of the Access Fund
Best article I've seen on this site. I thought you did a good job with the interview. I'd have liked more depth, but then you'd lose readers.

I worry the format will keep a lot of folks from reading it-- the combination of font and quantity of text is going to lead a lot of folks to just skim the pictures. Can you do the typical glossy trick of abstracting key quotes and embedding them as images in big font? Then you could at least pick punchlines for the post-literate.

Article: Black Diamond Merger
This isn't "news" (in the sense of the term that applies to journalism) nor is it an article.

This is a PR release from corporate. It isn't just another typical PR byte of the sort that regularly runs on the front page, either--

it's an advert dealing with a fairly serious news story, at least for the climbing community.

Article: Black Diamond Merger
"The problem here is that the dance partner BD came up with is very possibly the worst conceivable choice."

A point worth underlining.