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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by kennoyce (4)

Article: Sandstone Crack-climbing
Question: What can we learn from this article?

Answer: That English is certainly not the author's first language.

Article: World’s Tallest Climbing Wall Opens in Reno
"Towering 164-feet above the landmark Reno arch is the world’s tallest climbing wall"

World's tallest climbing wall, I think not, I guess they have never heard of Diga di Luzzone in Switzerland, at 540' it's just a bit taller than 164'

Article: Gear: So You Want to be an Intermediate?
I'll just add that while Magnus is right about how easy it is to retrieve draws with the squid, it is only slightly more difficult to do so with the home made painters pole/clamp which will cost you much less than just the squid attachment that you would buy from Trango (then you still have to buy the painters pole).