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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by knudenoggin (1)

Article: Photo Essay: The Birds' Nests Collectors of Thailand
I don't understand siramsden's explanation of the nest-harvesters' rigging.
They find a thin-rope-threaded anchor (courstesy of rockclimbers); okay.
They attach a thick rope to the thin and haul the thick into place, THROUGH
THE ANCHOR. How ... ? --what joining knot enables this? (ORBend?)
And then, with the nest harvester tied in (with a hard-to-discern tangle!),
a team hauls him upwards!? (Again, what sort of anchor?) There is no
"collectors get a two-one advantage from this system" reality here for haulers.
And "collector helps them by pulling down on the small fixed rope, so pushing himself upwards" implies some 3rd rope; but also, not a 2-to-1 advantage.
(Arborists sometimes have a pseudo-2:1 by being tied to one end and climbing
up the other "end/side" of the line, hauling themselves upwards. The photo of the
mid-air climber shows him seeming to use a foot-lock purchase to push upwards,
but it's unclear what else is going on. Notable also is the directional eyeknot in the
taut thick line running to that climber's side (viewer's right).