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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by leahabis (1)

Article: Climbing Making Its Bid to Enter The Olympics
Hope climbing becomes an Olympic sport. It would be amazing to see some friends in television compiting for the title of ďOlympic Golden Medalist".
But also Bouldering itís important, why dont they think so?
Bouldering it's a different type of climbing, not such as known as the one they have considered, but it still being part of it.
By other way, Im just 15 years old and im dreaming about having my favorite sport in the Olympics and maybe some day being there compiting.
Every day people comeís to me asking which sport I like, I answer that Climbing, but no oneís know about it, just a few people. I would love to see how people all around the world talks about it. But also, itís amazing to be part of it.