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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by leinosaur (2)

Article: Learning How to Learn
martinheynert - I look forward to Arno's response but meanwhile, what are you talking about with a cat being crunched up? As for tension, our muscles are always tense enough to react, due to muscle tone. If you crunch down first, won't you miss your opportunity to guide your landing? (bosh and poppycock!)

Article: Learning How to Learn
ecochica - yes indeed, there are clean slab falls, though I think of 'em more as "slides" than falls. Similar principles apply, perhaps even more so as you have constant contact with the stone, rather than just at the end of the fall. Still, relaxation and awareness can help avoid obstacles and lessen the jolt if one does come in contact.

Interestingly, harder slabs tend to render less dangerous slides, since they tend to be slick and less-featured.

My buddy took a nice 20-foot slab-whipper last weekend, and had the presence of mind to push off the wall to avoid a grass-choked horizontal that looks like a real ankle-breaker. If he'd been "crunched up like a cat," his ankle might be crunched up like a squirrel. As it was he re-contacted the slab in control and slid to a stop without a scratch as the rope and I caught him.

Incidentally, this was on a bolt we had just replaced the previous day - my first bolt! - so it's a whipper I'll remember catching for a long time.

also since he outweighs me by about 50 pounds I gave him a nice dynamic catch by being jerked off the ground several feet. Was sorry to be wearing flip-flops, too, as I did an upwards-slab-fall in the process. Lessons learned!