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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by lextalion (6)

Article: Hungry and thirsty - a solo climb of a new route on Keeler Needle
Nice, thats truely a hard man! Thanks for sharing. Been there and done something simular while in mountian warfare school years ago. It's funny how the mind can work with you & against you when you're short of water & food.

Article: Mountain Hardwear's Mission Project kicks off!
I have to agree with "unroot". Mountain hardware is truely hardcore gear. I've used my windstopper pants and jacket many a day to keep me warm while sending peaks or scoping out route to rock climb.
I also love to two hat I have for keeping the ole noggin warm, as I tend to keep the hair cropped pretty short.

Now to get one of Epic jackets and Syncro jackets and I'll be so set for wet weather. Still considering getting a syncro for wet weather building conditions while my crew slogs it out in yellow plastic/rubber rain suites that are as miserable as the weather. Just a bit worried about durability around the construction site.

Article: Grand Teton Solo
5 out of 5 stars It is nice that there are some people out there whom are willing to still help the unwanted.

I've not been in that situation of being the rookie in such a tasking experience. But I've found my self in your situation and have found more accomplishment in seeing the unwanted succeed, with alittle coaching.

I give you a rowdy hazah for your effort.

Article: UPDATED - Reardon Feared Dead
5 out of 5 stars Micheal has definiely been one of my climbing heros, due to his love of climbing by his own rules.

He will truely be missed. Even if he has passed on I only can hope that his family will be able to lay his body to rest rather being lost in Davy jones locker.

Article: 300-lb Giant Climbs Mt Whitney
5 out of 5 stars Congrads on your achievement. I have been eyeing the East Side buttress there but having gone through a divorce this year and all the changes that go with it. I didn't get this route knocked off my tick list.

It is also of comfort that I too can conquer this as I'm 6'2" and tip the scales right now @ 240. All be it I am losing weight as we speak. Hope to be backa a fighting weight of 220 by the time this next spring when I begin to hit the crags hard again.

Article: Bringing Up The Boy
5 out of 5 stars Great read. I am looking forward to doing the same with my two boys within the next couple of years.
Now you'll have some good time ahead doing man things with your son in the future.