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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by live2climb (5)

Article: When Hope is Not Enough - Indian Creek at Risk
Thanks guys we love you and will help spred the word, and a seg. if you see people doing what they are not sopose to do say somthing to them!!!!!! We saw the people camping on beef basian road and told them to move camp to a desagnatd spot, they did not like that idea and we had words. They wer just mean people but a lot of people dont know better so its up to everyone to educate othors on area ethics.
thanks again

Article: Stephen Koch and Hans Johnstone Bag New Route on Grand Teton
4 out of 5 stars WOW GREAT JOB sounds like a great adventure vear uplifting. That must have been funny doing all those face plants with a pack on. Sounds like you had a great time keep it up!!!

Article: National Park Service Seeking Input for Arches Climbing Plan
its not deans falt its not lie that was the first time the arch was climbed its because people come from all over the world and dont know about the eco sytem and cripto in the park and they make "new" trails. I have been working with the park and know its not deans falt it's all of our problem each and every one of us who choos to climb in the park. so just leave him alone i think he has gotten enuff shit for that. peace

Article: Rapper climber in war of the roses
baaa hhhaaa haaa haaa, really? WOW!
odub sucks btw

Article: Epic day on Washer Woman
Great TR thanks for sharing
what a great route and a terifing rap
we got our rope stuck on the last rap as well. and how about the route to the right as your raping crazy nails goin up a blank stem box WILD
sounds like you had a blast