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Comments by lovethesteep (1)

Article: Tales of Tricks by the God I'itoi on Baboquivari Peak, Arizona
1 out of 5 stars I was involved in a first ascent on the East face of Baboquivari in the late 80’s (Moonscapes, 11c). My partner and I climbed the route during a full moon and we were the only two people on the mountain at the time. The solitude and quietness around us as we spied the landscapes on the moon through a pair of binoculars was one of the high points of the climbing adventures we had together. It was truly a reverent experience.

The writer’s depiction of his experiences on Baboquivari, despite his invocation of reverence, is anything but reverent. His remarks are in fact insensitive and offensive, and display a wanton disregard for the mountain, the environment, the Tohono O’odham Nation, and anyone else who may have had the misfortune to be near him.

Access to climbing at Baboquivari is, and always has been, tentative at best. I have always considered climbing at Babo a privilege, such privilege to be revoked by disrespectful behavior. The events that the writer records of drunken or drug addled crazies trundling Volkswagen-sized boulders off the mountain (without regard to who or what may have been below), or having open fires on Lion’s Ledge (not to mention letting them get out of control), are not images that will warm the hearts of those who would seek to deny us the right to climb where we want to.