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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by milesenoell (6)

Article: Five Minutes: John Bachar and Kurt Smith
4 out of 5 stars Too short, but great stuff.****

Article: Climbing and Murder
OK, the author is J Christopher Robbins... like from Winnie the Pooh.

Just as an aside though... the lessons I take from this are: never say yes to the police, oh and it's good to check each other out before you leave the ground.

As for legal status, Ward expressed his awareness of the elevated risk before leaving the ground, and Morgan is only a friend not a guide so I don't expect that any jury would see it as murder, maybe manslaughter in a really conservative county, but even that's ify.

Article: Viva Espaņa
looks fantastic!

Article: Jumping Freight Trains to go Bouldering
4 out of 5 stars I too will be waiting for chapter 2...

Hearing the description of realizing you were along for the ride, brought a chill to me as I recalled other stories I've heard about riding trains that didn't end well.

I'm from Eugene, OR which is roughly the middle of the west coast railway system. Lots of hobos and other scruffy travelers, including lots of Grateful Dead fans. Back in the mid-90's a group of Dead-heads decided to hop the trains to get south for the next show. They weren't used to hopping trains and (like the author) just jumped one that was easy to jump. As they were rolling along in a boxcar, it got cold and they slid the door closed to keep the wind out. Those doors can latch or jam apparently, and they got stuck inside. The train rolled onto a changing station in the middle of the desert (maybe in Mojave for all I know) and no-one to heard them yelling for help as they tried to get the door back open. The train sat at the changing station for three days in the baking heat before getting picked back up and taken to its destination. They didn't make it.

A friend I went to high school with was drinking and riding the trains in his early twenties. He died of exposure.

The railway bulls are often chosen for brutality and joke about denting their night-sticks.

If you don't know what you are doing (and probably even if you think you do) stay off the trains! They make hitch-hiking look safe.

Article: AF Comes Through with Millions
I don't know much about the AF, but I have been surprised at how little it can take to buy some cliffs (right place and right time always apply). A friend of mine bought a half mile or so of cliffs in Idaho for about 5 grand. Apparently many cliff bands are associated with land that has no water resources and thus are not especially valuable to ranchers or homesteaders.

Article: The Painted Wall
5 out of 5 stars Great writing! It reminds me a bit of some of Mark Twight's writing, especially the honest perspectives on how critical choices get made, and how we respond to our fading strengths.

Kudos for pushing the limits while climbing in a way that is true to your yourself.