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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by mooredesign13 (2)

Article: Damnit, Jim, I'm a Climber Not a Carpenter
2x4 studs are not 1.5"x 4" either, they are 1.5"x3.5" if yours are different, they are not real 2x4', on the whole, a great guide, i have a few more suggestions to make it a little easier:
1. If using wood screws, you don't have to predrill countersinking holes, the screws will naturally sink below the surface of the wood.
2. many home improvement stores have moulding which are pre sanded and have various cross sections to eliminate the need to own a power sander.
3. before you start, make sure you have a sturdy ass wall to attach to!

Article: Climbing and Murder
Looks to me like a case where Morgan and his friends intended on scaring and humiliating Ward, but not to kill him. Dick head climbers do this on a regular basis, even to their own friends, and usually it's safe sandbagging, but in this case First degree murder is a bit of a stretch. Perhaps manslaughter or at least criminal negligence. I know people who smoke and climb but personally i wont let anyone do it if they are roped up with me... as for this story, pot has little to do with the outcome. What would have mattered more would be more info as to the relationship between Morgan and Ward.