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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by mrdeadpt (3)

Article: The Mental Toughness Error
Children and Old Farts, chill out! No one put a caption below that picture saying it was Zoo View-- and get your egos out of the way trying to show how much detail you know about that particular route. Your'e missing the point. Arno is saying: See reality for what it really is and deal with what really is. The thought in your head isn't going to create a gear placement or hold that isn't there. Be mentally disciplined, but don't fantasize.

Article: The Mental Toughness Error
Again, using the chess example, the argument is against climbing "by rote" --going through the motions while you're all inside your head ("I've been on this route before")without awareness of what you are actually dealing with in the reality of the present moment.

Article: Craig Luebben dies in climbing accident
As I write this, I am still carrying around Luebben's "Rock Climbing Anchors, A Comprehensive Guide"--and will gradually read my way through it all as time allows. It is an excellent book reflecting Craig's thorough understanding, and belongs on every climber's bookshelf. What can I say? His real-world testing of ice pro' revolutionized the way we ice climbers place screws. (This came from his drop-tests, not some industry lab.) Craig was an engineer and a climber--a unique perspective that gave extra value to his assessments of our equipment and technique. I'm certain that he would have preferred to go on living and climbing--and go on living for all the other things in his life that he loved. Now he has given us one last lesson: Despite all our knowledge and experience, we are not all-knowing--and there are factors in our sport (and our larger lives) that are beyond our knowing or control. You and I will continue to climb. But never forget that this is the real world and the danger is always there. Stay aware!