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Comments by munky (14)

Article: Urban Climber buys Climbing Magazine
Wow! You guys are really negative. I love adventure a big routes more than anyone. And true, UC is primarily directed towards the 20 and younger crowd who mostly only care about V-Hard boulder problems and overhanging sport routes but those pictures in UC should motivate in the crustiest old mountaineer. I personally am excited about the upcoming newly merged magazine and look foward to seeing more of those great pics. I for one am not afraid to admit that those kids who don't know what a nut tool is, one day just might take that double-digit boulder power to the bigger routes. And even if they don't, the one's who truly love it, are having their own adventures out there. Don't be a hater!!

Article: Honnold Free Solos Half Dome
WTF!! If this is true then climbing has definitely progressed into the next level.

Article: Five Minutes: Former CCC Pres, Sean Cobourn
Great read. I'd love to see more of this kind of thing on On a side not, keep your fingers crossed for me, I might become one the colonists of Fayetteville, as I just sent in my application for a History position at Fayetteville High School.

Article: Five Minutes: Former CCC Pres, Sean Cobourn
I just re-read my comment and realized that my description of Ravens Rock might be a bit tricky to understand. I meant to write, that Ravens Rock would be a world class sport cliff (with at least 50 routes) and an additional dozen or so mixed, or pure gear protected routes. Definitely kick ass place, which I think at one time actually had bolts and climbing on it. But, since the Grandfather Mtn. Mafia took over the place has been on lock down.

Article: Five Minutes: Former CCC Pres, Sean Cobourn
I went to school at ASU in Boone and I spent many of days exploring Grandfather Mtn(albeit illegally, but damnit I hiked up that trail and I earned it) It sure does have potential. I'd go so far as saying some of the best rock in the area. Raven's rock (or at least that's what we called it) would be a world class sport cliff with about a dozen or so mixed lines. Also, behind Ship rock there is a cliff band (you can actually see it in the winter) with about 2 dozen routes. I think most of these have been climbed by either tr or mixed free and aid. Hell, for all I know, they could have all been freed. Also on top of Grandfather Mtn. they're are some ok slabs and some really good boulders. One area I remember is this huge horizontal roof. No kidding its probably as big as the Junkyard bouldering cave. I've always hated the fact that you had to pay (or at least were suppose to) to hike GF Mtn. Having climbing access open up there would be great. Especially Raven Rocks.

Article: A Linville Link-Up
Great story. I've always wanted to do a similar linkup. That link to the CCC thread is killer. Goodman is a nut and and an inspiration. I just read that he snuck up to my neck of the woods and sent two of the hardest lines at Old Rag probablly within a few tries.

Article: The SCC 'Steeles' Another Victory
I would be embarrassed to say I was from the South-especially the Real South! :)

Article: DiGiulian and and Marin Redpoint multi-pitch 5.14 in Sardinia
Are Digulian and Marin shagging??

Article: The History and Future of Climbing Style and Ethics
Gawdamnit... When will we just get over all this bullshit and put in permanent fixed ropes on all the cliffs of the world. I want belay seats with cup holders (for my beer of course), beer bitches taking my order, and Epic TV with drones recording my SIckest sends. I want Mountaineering turned into a Running Man/Hunger Games/Eco Challenge event. I want live close up coverage of Ueli Steck duking it out with Sherpa Bramhmanavista and Hayden Kennedy shoving sticks of butter into his mouth while jerking off to some South American porn site tentbound for another day. I want the sluttiest, hottest, think Sierra "Daisy Dukes ass in yo face" Blair (what ever the rest of her name is) type girls bouldering in the desert. I want some grit. This sport is lame. Think HOtrod cars meets Monstah Trucking meets WWE Wrestling meets Dirty South pitbull fighting meets Antebellum plantation owner -female house slave relationship meets 1980s hairmetal and Action Jackson/Sly STalone/Arnold/Chuck the Delta Force Norris Action films. THIS SPORT IS LAME!!!!! WE need real sponsors and real money and real exposure for progression. Kill the anti-sport and enter the Olympic German bred athlete machines!!!

Article: Geology for Climbers, Part II: In a Sedimental Mood
Aint nobuddy care bout sum names of rocks!!! Jus climb those suckas!! Lava this, glaciated that, who gives a hair up John Muir's ass? I wanna know if Sasha Digulian is getting pounded by that Spanish dude! Is Sierra Hot ass legal yet? And what the hell happened to America's sweetheart, Katie Brown? I'd give my nuts to see her rack and climb Vulgarian style with her. Last I heard she was going the way of the devil in CA, breaking dem chains of religious dogma, and working in some coffee shop finding her place in life and balance and harmony with nature. Or some stupid Daoist shit like that. Give me the real scoop. Ta haell wit dese stupid rock articles.

Article: Know Your Land, Pt. 1: Climbing on Federal Lands
The Libertarian in me wants to say fawk it and go do what I please on my land. This is Merica', the land of the bald eagle, home to the savages, and free from government intervention gawd damnit!!! I have inalienable rights to do what I please on mah land! If i want to run around naked driving my quad while ripping bong hits and occasionally unloading my M-14 through the sweet desert architecture, by God-given right I will!!!

Article: Daniel Woods Climbs Bishop's Hardest
Jared Roth>>>>>> blast from the past! The dread-head SLC equivalent to Dave Graham. What happened to these guys?

Article: Game Changers: Five Innovations and Inventions that Shaped Modern Climbing
I would have included the modern climbing gym.