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Article: GoPro Hero Editorial Review
So I have this camera and Im super happy with it, you just gotta approach it for what it's worth.

#1 owning this camera means you never have an excuse not to take some photos while climbing. I can always fit this somewhere and get 3 megapixel pictures which is definitely enough for sharing, printing, and remembering bad ass routes on sick rock in nice locations

#2 sometimes the picture quality blows so much. sometimes the shutter and exposure or whatever these technical terms are that I don't care about don't happen right. but they are 3 megapixel pictures, which is a couple hundred kb or something. So always take 3 or 4. This camera is about shooting from the hip, not about getting wonderful portraits to put up on the mantel (but it happens sometimes, I have the sickest pictures of me high up on a ridge in WAdi Rum!)

#3 having a video camera around is sweet, but it sucks

#4 the hard case fucking blows, I've taken mine back to LL Bean twice because of their guarantee nd the thing breaking. It broke a third time and I gave up. Problem: the buttons on the case would come off then it's useless

#5 the software blows. sometimes the function button doesn't work, all the time you ahve to take the batteries out to turn it off. But you can always get it to work eventually, you just gotta smile and laugh and be like "wtf you fucking piece of shit work already" and it will happen, in sha' allah. I've never had it jsut not function

overall I totally love mine. Now every trip I got on everywhere I have an album from because I can always keep this thing in some tiny pocket. The only problem that presents is tha tI'm always thinking I lost it..... "fuck where is that thing?! I definitely lost it for good this time....." I've said that so many times. But that's the beauty of it, so tiny, yet it takes bad ass pictures.

So basically it's like all of life, for what it's worth its totally great: a micro camera that will get you quality shots. But it cannot be totally badass nd totally micro. No flash, shitty quality photos happen quite often, view finder is so tiny it might as well nto have one. But I think it makes a stellar shoot-from-the-hip camera. Grant it, you could spend more money and get something nicer and onyl a little bigger, but then when it gets crushed/lost/dropped/et cetera you're going to be that many more dollars in the hole.

I recommend it if you want something for the type of application I just described.

If you want to see like climbing photos of Yosemite, the Gunks, Wadi Rum (Jordan, sandstone, totally sick), all taken with this camera, then you should see these albums I have hosted on the internet:

Wadi Rum - [url][/url]
Gunks - [url][/url]
The Valley - [url][/url]
More Valley [url][/url]

Article: Needless Destruction Theater -- The Trango Cam Cup Results
awesome competition. awesome write up. you the man, adatesman.

Article: Viva Espaņa
fantastic TR! thanks for taking me along!
I gotta get to Spain!!

Article: Black Diamond Merger
BD, the new North Face.

This is the natural cycle. Not long before reports of seams busting, horrible customer service, and favorability with sorority girls starts hitting the air waves.

Luckily there will be other small companies dishing out elite gear, run by people in boots and fleece not suits, to fill the demands of truly dedicated outdoor enthusiasts: those who demand performance not the new cool color.

If its publicly traded what keeps any old corporate asshole from purchasing a majority share and trying to develop a name brand?