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Rock Climbing : Comments

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Article: The Mental Toughness Error
I'll weigh in here...I'm Craig. I think Arno mis-understood my description of the climb slightly, however it doesn't really affect his assessment, which is correct. There is a high (diagonal upward) way to traverse from the bolt and get established in the crack and a lower way (step down from bolt and then traverse horizontally left.) This horizontal traverse is what I had done previously but my memory of it was not correct. I was over confident and stepped down too far and therefore was way too low. My overconfidence did not allow me to focus on what my actual surroundings should have been telling me about the climb and dictate what I should be doing, was my error. I could have either, climbed back to the bolt (I had a decent rest there) or even back to the crows nest as another responder suggested. However, I was too far out and too pumped by the time I realized I was significantly off. I could also have looked for intermediate pro that may or may not have been available. I had tiny nuts, cams and balls 'n nutz which might have been able to have been placed. However, because I was confident in where I needed to go I didn't take that opportunity to look for them but started up over the slight bulge to where the crack should have been. However I had also traversed past the crack. I was on tiny 1/4"-1/2" holds with next to no feet and pumped out and then my hand slipped. So there were a couple of errors on my part as Arno correctly assessed.