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Comments by natec (6)

Article: Moutain Hardwear's UltraLamina 15 Sleeping Bag Editorial Review
I do not mean my comments to be a slight towards the author but this review is really of little to no value.

It's hard to write an effective review of a product in a situation such as this. The reviewer did not put this bag to the full test and hasn't any experience with down to give a quantitatve comparison.

A much better review would be to find a reviewer who would use the bag in a variety of instances and situations that take it to the extremes of its limits. Car camping, backcountry use, snow use, warm weather use and cold weather use should all be a part of this review and are missing.

Like I stated, I don't mean to slight the author but this review doesn't tell me much more than I could find out by looking at the bag hanging in a store.

Article: 22 hour monster Link-up in Red Rocks
Just a difference in opinion. That's all.

Article: 22 hour monster Link-up in Red Rocks
Thats the thing, the locals who have already done things similar to this didn't feel the need to call up "Climbing" and report it. It was just another day in the mountains for them, and a good one at that.

For what it's worth, the guys I'm thinking of climbed Lev 29 and Rainbow Wall, ALL FREE in under 12 hrs. (I believe it was 10:42). I'm not dogging anyone here. I just don't see why some people feel the need to shout it from the rooftops.

vegastradguy, I'm particularly not doggin you. You do a great job with your efforts on this site and by all means seem like a great guy.

Article: 22 hour monster Link-up in Red Rocks
It's funny how locals can do this kind of thing and it goes unmentioned.

Article: 22 hour monster Link-up in Red Rocks
Man I really came across as a blow hard.

Josh and Kelly, I'm sorry it sounds as though I was belittling your accomplishments. I'm not the most eloquent person when typing.

Josh and I have exchanged messages, and I hope to continue our dialog.

To all others who may think I'm an ass...

I apolgize.

Article: Preliminary Red Rock Wilderness Plan Released for Public Commentary
The general idea seems to be okay. I think as a climbing community we could make a false sacrifice by giving up the ability to "ADD BOLTS TO EXISITING ROUTES" in order for them to perhaps explain and give a bit on the "total number of new bolts allowed" which taken out of context seems quite arbitrary.