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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by nfowler50 (5)

Article: How To use Trekking Poles
yeah man, I was stoked when i saw that, cant find anything anywhere, i was looking for tips on use, my manual didnt say anything, is the carbide tip only for ice and snow? how come one costs $70 and another of the same weight costs $16? big difference or no?

Article: The Spaces Between
Ha, other than that this seems impeccable and holds many laudable characteristics. I found it rather abstruse at first and read it a number of times to uncover its notably profound messages and meanings. I really appreciate that you posted this. It was very moving.

Article: The Spaces Between
I believe you mean ineffable, not ineffible.

Article: Woman Falls To Her Death At Gym
I'm sorry to be a jerk... but 'baigot'.... the way you write makes it seem as though you have an IQ below 65! Go take an english class idiot.

Article: The Mental Toughness Error
so lets say he didnt go for the ballsy move... what then? try to down climb? your already pumped, he had to fall