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Article: Bob Bates Passes

As a high school student at Exeter, I remember Bob Bates giving presentations from time to time about his mountaineering adventures. I was always amazed by the intensity and commitment of the expeditions he undertook back in the Thirties, when so much of the gear and skills we take for granted didn't exist.

One of my favorite anecdotes he told was when Bates, Brad Washburn and some others were sleeping in a four man tent. Those being the days before Leave No Trace, they had an old shotgun in the tent with them. Bates, sleeping farthest from the door of the tent, woke up to see a grouse hanging out right by the door. Without hesitating, he picked up the gun and shot right over the sleeping bodies of his companions, waking them up but providing a tasty breakfast.

He was a true pioneer of the mountains, and he will be missed.

I like how one of the tags is "endurnce."