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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by no_email_entered (2)

Article: Metolius Master Cam Editiorial Review
Good work. Thanks for sorting out the pros and cons.

Are they going to send you the 0 and 00, and will there be a follow-up on those? I'd like to know how they compare with C3s---

Article: 300-lb Giant Climbs Mt Whitney
i was rooting for you thru the whole story until the end. YOU WENT TO CARLS JR INSTEAD OF HAVING A PORTAL BURGER???!!! dam son, thats like running for 99 yards and then fumbling. oh well you still need to do the east buttress [more fun anyway] then you can have Doug Jr. fix u a REAL f'ing cheeseburgeee---- or set your sites higher and do a double [EF + EB] which is even more fun but u will need to solo a good chunk of the EF to get back down before dark. Great work tho. cheers.