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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by old_apple_juice (2)

Article: Footwork basics
I know you wrote this a long time ago, but it still stands. Although I am not a 5.10 climber, footwork has totally made the 5.funs more enjoyable.

Activities such as "Silent Feet" as well as the "Tennis Ball in Hands" along with many others are in a book called "The Self-Coached Climber" I'm unsure of the author (I lent the book out and it is yet to be returned)

The ultimate academic field of study from which rockclimbing can be examined is in the area of Dance. (Applied Journal of Dance.....I think) Dancing deals with things like offset and dynamic balance, center of gravity and other things. The Self-Coached Climber integrates this data and I think it's pretty damn good.....even if it's just for the activities.

Article: The Making of a 'Rockprodigy'
As fingerbangz mentioned, I've found yoga to be a huge help in my flexibility and static body tension ability......although I did climb with one yoga instructor who was so flexible she got herself into trouble (how'd you get both feet so far above your hands?????).

This article is totally awesome, not to make presumptuous additions but "The Self Coached Climber" really helped me a lot too (I can't remember the authors)...