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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by oldsalt (5)

Article: Climber Dies at Poke-O-Moonshine, Adirondacks, NY
Another rappel accident? We must be so careful throughout the process. My condolences to all who know and loved Dennis.

Article: Grand Teton Solo
5 out of 5 stars "Literary" implies that the writing has value beyond merely stringing words together. uzibear is correct that this is literary, but it says more about him than the article that he describes it as annoying.

Article: Travels With Meaghan
Very enjoyable and touching read. My two daughters (and three sons, for that matter) can't understand the lure of the rocks. The youngest son caught my first gym lead fall and belayed me outdoors once, but he has never wanted to climb himself. I am lucky to have my 5, but you are blessed to be able to share your passion for climbing with your daughter.

Article: 13 Year Old to Tackle Everest

Your parents [i]let[/i] you free solo? What did you do to p*ss off your parents?

Article: Pavane- A Requiem for Shady

I'm glad I touch-type, because I can't see the keyboard right now. Steinbeck could take a lesson from you, Sir.

Phil Bostwick, some day I will meet you on the roof of our old apartment building. We will watch the sunset and speak knowingly of the life ahead of us.

It has been a good life for me, and I thank you for your part in it. It has challenged and sustained me.