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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by olympicmtnboy (5)

Article: Outdoor Retailer Winter Market '07 (Monday Edition)
So when are they gonna make the Reactor hanging so I can buy one instead of the new version Jetboil?

Article: Cirque Pro Editorial Review
Thanks for the review, but what's with La Sportiva asking you NOT to test a product under certain conditions??? I'm all for companies providing free gear for reviews, but are we soon going to see ice tool reviews excluding dry tooling performace, or maybe cams they ask you not to test in sandstone? What if they only provide something for review if you promise not to review competitor x? Thank you for your disclosure.

Oh and something I always consider for approach shoes is packability. How well do they fold up and fit in my pack, or clip to the back of my harness without sticking out to far. All of La Sportiva's approach shoes have big clunky heels that make them pack or clip pretty poorly IMHO (since they discontinued the superfly anyways).

Article: The People’s Vote Starts November 24th! Metolius is a Finalist on Gearzy Awards
Since they left out all but the big guys in most categories, I can't vote. Hilleberg Tents, CiloGear packs, Fish big wall gear . . . WTF Just a little more pandering to the $$? We don't even know what the criteria are for "best"???

Article: Reel Rock Film Tour
It's in Seattle on October 14th at the Egyptian at 7 PM, make it a trip from BC!

Article: Raising
I love it! I've use some of these technique in canyoneering as well.