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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by onrockandice (3)

Article: Head Trip
5 out of 5 stars I think you were able to communicate our worst fears, our greatest hope in experiencing our worst fears and why we could not ever stop if we could still climb effectively.

Worst Fear: An accident while climbing that should have killed and didn't. Caused significant injury though mostly temporary to the body but left the mind largely intact.

Greatest Hope: After experience our worst fear that we at least have the chance to seriously consider if we would still climb. It implies we can climb and can climb well enough to expose ourselves to the risk that nearly killed us. So in affect things have changed for sure but we can still climb.

For me I don't climb because I want to. I climb because it satisfies and completes something inside of me. That something is part of who I am, like an arm or a leg and if that something wasn't taken away or denied it would be missed by me like an arm or a leg would be missed but much, much more-so.

So yes, you did what you set out to do and even more. Each of us was reading your story while we simultaneously lived our own in a similar circumstance. You left us wondering what happened to you. Yet we knew without any doubt that the answer we would give would be a yes heard from the mountain top. It would not just be a yes but instead it would be a HELL YES! Then we would take a firm grip on the rope and say, "On Belay!".

Article: Perspectives - Climbing Yosemite
Hah! Good to see that life and climbing at your house is the same as mine. Any trip reports I do will reference yours for family complexity. Your family especially your spousal interaction regarding the climb is a carbon copy experience of what I would have. I'd over estimate the time. She'd be angry and then we'd kiss and make up. That's climbing! Argh!

Article: Go West Young Man
Well... what to say...

I thought it was great. I enjoyed the length because I literally felt like I was tooling along as the 3rd wheel in the backseat the whole time letting the two of you do the work.

I cannot wait for my turn to do a leg like this. What a testament to the red, white and blue and the men and women who make it, and the country they live in a great place. By country I don't mean the politics, the politicians, the special interests or anything else that could easily cause an argument.

By country I mean the mountains, the valleys, the rivers and trees. The things that call all of us out to church and we are thrilled to hear the preaching voice of nature and it's abundant expression of freedom.