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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by overlord (16)

Article: Closure Threat Becomes Reality at Torrent
wow, some climbers can really be idiots. we had a similar situation at a VERY popular (and really good) crag here in slovenia, but we were fortunate that some climbers have a really good relationship with the landowner so we only had to change the access trails. bul, like in RRG, the reason was climbers being disrespectfull.

Article: Danish Climber Dies in Mt.Cook National Park
well, i hope she makes it. crampons are dangerous if youre not used to them.

Article: The Zephyr: 10.3mm of Wholesome Petzl Rope
4 out of 5 stars nice review. im in a market for a new rope, but it will be a bit skinnier than this. definitely sub-10mm. probably another mamut infinity.

Article: Helicopter Rescue Possible On Everest Summit Soon
a diesel helicopter? thats interesting.

Article: Mad Science: the Making of Modular Climbing Holds
5 out of 5 stars nice article. though i already knew how holds are made :P

Article: Three Climbers at Zion National Park and a Monkey Wrench
4 out of 5 stars sweet story. and i dont care if its true or not, but ill just assume its true.

Article: SKAHA - Time is running out
ouch!!! 1M$ is a lot to rais by the end of june. i hope theyll make it.

Article: Sterling Nano Editorial Review
4 out of 5 stars lol, got a good laugh on the last comment, jay.

and im really interested in how it holds up after some time. it sounds to me sterling found the balance between lightness and durability. and it makes me wish even more that petzl would finally pull their head out of the sand and make a grigri for 9-10mm cords.

Article: 46 year old Queenslander sends 5.14a/b
4 out of 5 stars thats quite an achievement. any pics?

Article: Black Diamond nForce Editorial Review
5 out of 5 stars nice review. and they really do look sexy.

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '07 - Day 1
5 out of 5 stars wow, those arc’teryx harnesses really look slick. im thinking of replacing my current harness (its not worn yet, but i am starting to look into replacement options) and if i find them on this side of the pond, they look like a really strong contender.

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '07 - Day 3
4 out of 5 stars optimus looks really sweet.

thanks for the tips on glasses and freezable bladder. i just might look into that ;)

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '07 - Day 1
5 out of 5 stars vesgastradguy, im really looking forward to that review... and could you ask them when will the harnesses arrive in europe? i sent arcterx an email, but they still havent answered.

Article: The Huber Brothers Conquer El Cap
1 out of 5 stars nice article :D was suunto a sponsor? :P

Article: The Huber Brothers Conquer El Cap
1 out of 5 stars who was bashing the hubers? all the bashing i can see is bashing of this article, which, to tell the truth, is not exactly stellar, just some sponsor messages. the fact that they did set a speed record is not as important as the fact that they kept the time with their new shiny suunto watches ;)

Article: Adidas Acquires Five-Ten
5.10 is going down the drain... :/