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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by p0bray01 (5)

Article: Texas rock climber dies in fall
Just curious, was he soloing? if not one would hope he would have been caught by his protection. Sorry for the loss.

Article: Link Cam Editorial Review
I am glad this review came out my Gf just hinted that I may be getting a I was playing with them a while at miguels. She rocks! THANKS DINGUS !

Article: Honnold Free Solos Half Dome
That's great. Although It is sad and kinda prophetic in a weird way that almost everyone's post mentions the "I hope he lives" quote. Lol. Well I will say it again, lets hope for the best because I surely am not progressing the sport much, just wallowing/fighting/scratching for my own ascents. Good Job Kid. ;)

Article: 2 climbers badly injured in accident at Suicide Rock in Idyllwild
I hope they are both ok, and hopefully we will find out the details so we can all learn from them.

Article: Rockslide threatens Curry Village at Yosemite
Yep im game there will be totally new routes now...that is if they don't exfoliate beneath our feet!