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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by patmay81 (5)

Article: Carabiner Extravaganza!
thanks for the review. the only thing I have to add is that I have had issues with the soft metal on the mammut bionic biners. mine had a crazy deep groove in it after one use as a master point biner.

Article: Carabiner Extravaganza!
I just bought some of the new Metolius Infernos, those things are sweet! The shop I went to didn't have the element, but if it is a similar quality, strength and price to its non locking counterpart I'd say it would be a great biner! The only complaint is the basket is a little small- but I'm using them on draws so its not really that critical.

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '08 - Day 1
I was wondering when OP was going to come out with more sizes for their link cams. I love those things!

Article: Up'n the Ante on NorCal Granite
nice spray Ian, I wish I could climb that hard. ;)

Article: Climbing and Murder
manslaughter at best! definetly not murder, and not for smoking pot or not giving him shoes or water, but only for not checking his knot. Thats the only thing I could see to acuse him of. great story telling though