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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by phoenixfire (3)

Article: Climbing and Murder
Sounds like a bad after school special...seems like someone would have caught wind of this accident/case before now and made a bigger stink of it before this was printed. I respectfully question the validity of the article.

Article: Climbing and Murder
Cant we get this removed or relocated from the main homepage spot and have something important about the loss of the 3 climbers in China or an other important current event?

Article: 13 Year Old Completes Everest Climb and Looks Ahead
They need to rename it now..."Disney's Everest Adventure". Goes to show that you dont have to be a fit climber, just have enough money to get someone to carry your carcass up the damn mountain! And I'm so glad to see these rich parents supporting their sons education...shouldn't this kid be in school and not climbing 8000' summitts? Maybe have a goal not related to climbing insignificant peaks? And Baigot is right...physiologically the child has been put under extreme conditions, that can have life changing effects, for absolutley no good reason at all.