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Article: Sandstone Crack-climbing
Keep in mind that crack climbing is a very unpopular discipline in Europe. If someone likes it, it is very likely that he or she is British, Norwegian or Swedish or has learned to climb in one of Germany's or the Czech Republic's sandstone areas. There is also the small possibility that the person climbs in the Alps, or in locations generally more famous for sport climbing, but has a little bit of an excentric taste or belongs to the European climbing elite. But the majority does not know how to place a jam, in fact they often even hate it. When the average European climber speaks of crack climbing, he really means liebacking. Considering these facts, I consider the text a really nice approach to show the beauty of crack climbing in a poetic way. Keep on!
Also remember that it is still possible, that the author never had English lessons at school, but had to learn Russian instead.

As a rule of thumb:
Ex Warsaw pact sandstone areas: knotted slings only;
The rest: nuts, cams, whatever you want. Bolting policies vary.