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Article: Everest porters honor Mountain for their wealth
Uhh, porters are wealthy??? My understanding was that they where inhumanely overworked and grosely under paid. Or as it is put is John Krakauer's "Into Thin Air" from a Sherpa orphan living in South Africa,

"I am a Sherpa orphan. My father was killed in the Khumbu Icefall while load-ferrying for an expedition in the late sixties. My mother died just below the Pheriche when her heart gave out under the weight of the load she was carring for another expedition in 1970. Three of my siblings died from various causes...I never have gone back to my homeland because I feel it is cursed. My ancestors arrived in the Solo-Khumbu region fleeing from persecution in the lowlands. There they found sanctuary in the shadow of "Sagarmathaji," "mother goddes of the earth [Everest]. In return they were expected to protect that goddesses' sanctuary from outsiders. But my people went the other way. They helped outsiders find their way into the sanctuary and violate every limb of her body by standing on top of her, crowing in victory, and dirtying and polluting her bosom."

A very different and grim persepctive indeed, which makes me sad because I still plan on climbing Everest someday.