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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by potreroed (7)

Article: Rockslide threatens Curry Village at Yosemite
And people complain about a little loose rock in the Potrero Chico!!

Article: The Painted Wall
Try to imagine, if you will, the first ascent of the Painted Wall.

Article: Go West Young Man
Great trip report but kinda long for my attention span. I might point out that hiking into Levitation 29 only takes you part way into Oak Creek Canyon. You'd have to hike another 2-3 hours to reach the end of the canyon--well worth it 'cuz there's good climbing way back there.

Article: Brazilian Female Solo Ascent
So she bolted an 8 pitch route, on lead, with a self-belay in 3 weeks?? That is fast, although the rock looks pretty clean.

Bravo, well done.

Article: Brazilian Female Solo Ascent
Yeah, that drill looks heavy--she needs to learn how to re-rig it so the battery pack can stay below and the drill is a lot lighter.

Article: This is Buildering - Part 1
Some of my best climbing, total commitment in the danger zone, has been on buildings.

Article: The End of Urban Climber
Urban Climber won't be missed.