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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by quiteatingmysteak (6)

Article: La Rambla Original (9a+), second ascent by Edu Marin
Who did the first ascent.... Fred Roughling? I think it may have been a basque climber.

Good to see it get repeated! Can't wait for the race for the third ascent 8)

Article: Rock Climber dies at Yosemite
Weather looked heinous. Sad to hear, condolences to the family.

Article: Davis Solos, BASE jumps Castleton
Suddenly my job seems that much more boring.

Article: Everest Records 2008
the more that climb it the less it means.

bring it on.

Article: Guidebook Review: Classic Joshua Tree, Routes & Bouldering; Randy Vogel
SOLID guidebook. One of the best out there.

Cheers to Randy, and a big thanks for all the work he put into it. Its a labor of love, and always much appreciated. Building a community of climbers helps the park to work with us.