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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by reg (9)

Article: Sterling Nano Editorial Review
4 out of 5 stars nicely written, informitive (u work for them?)

Article: Cilogear 40L Worksack Editorial Review
1 out of 5 stars [strong]nice[/strong] review VTG - how come the waist belt and shoulder straps are never shown?

Article: Red Rocks: A Climber's Guide Editorial Review
nice review VTG. looks like a really good guide.

Article: GoPro Hero Editorial Review
kewl vid - thanks for the smile on my face this afternoon. ;)

Article: Sterling Rope Factory Tour
excellent john - thanks. always wanted to see that done first hand! can anyone take ah peek at the process?

Article: Five Minutes: John Bachar and Kurt Smith
4 out of 5 stars jay - 4 * cause it wasn't long enough - good job. how'd you get that gig?

Article: 2.8 Kids with a White Picket fence and the Company Car
"there's them that do and them that don't and some ya just can't tell".
be at peace brother - with them all!