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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by rgbscan (2)

Article: CAMP USA Recall
Speaking as a BD shareholder (ok, it's only about 40 shares but still), I'd much rather see a quality product than a few extra cents in share price. I've been climbing on BD gear a long, long time. I thought the takeover by Clarus was a bad deal but bought shares hoping to at least have a (small) voice.

Article: The End of Urban Climber
I always felt Urban Climber was "poser-ish". It seemed to really want to push a snowboarding lifestyle into the climbing realm and saw the climbing scene as one where fashion with weird patterns and loud colors was important, along with the whole "extreme sports", in your face attitude, and the need for hydration ala Gatorade G2 or sports drinks were important. It just seemed like an advertising vehicle searching for an audience. It just seemed to target the demographic of the annoying group of 13 year olds at the gym who go spray paint tagging in their spare time and throw rocks down the crag when their bored.

Contrasted to Rock and Ice where everything is about natural beauty alongside thoughtful athleticism with quite grace and humility. Climbs on a world scale with beautiful photography. That's the kind of mag I'd spend money on.